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npm has given us amazing insights into which companies are using our service.
Laurie Voss
CTO and founder, npm
Clearbit has been a great service for us, highly recommended!
Alex Maccaw
CEO, Clearbit
Plesk helped us tremendously to gain market insights about the hosting and datacenter industry.
Jan Löffler
CTO, Plesk

Customer Stories

Graylog banner
Graylog Cybersecurity

The launch of a new product created a new need for Graylog. See how they solved it with IPinfo’s Geolocation API.

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Visitor Queue banner
Visitor Queue ABM

Since early 2020, Visitor Queue has been enhancing its clients’ lead generation capabilities using IPinfo’s Company API. Read on to see how.

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Bupa Healthcare

Since 2015, Bupa has been using IPinfo’s Geolocation API to create a more personalized experience for its website’s users, including millions of customers.

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GreyNoise Cybersecurity

Since using IPinfo, GreyNoise has become recognized as the go-to Anti-Threat Intelligence source, providing ground truth on Internet-wide scan and attack activity for thousands of businesses and users.

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PingPong Research

Since 2017, PingPong has used IPinfo’s Geolocation API to reduce friction for its users and improve the accuracy of its research.

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TransferGo FinTech

Using IPinfo's Geolocation API, TransferGo has been able to offer an experience that's fully automated which has removed the hurdle in the first steps of a transfer and has led to improved conversions.

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