Maltego & IPinfo Integration
IPinfo for Maltego

Accelerate investigations with IPinfo's new set of Transforms for domain and IP address enrichment on Maltego. From infrastructure footprinting to cyber threat intelligence, these IP insights enhance Maltego's efficiency and effectiveness.

IPinfo Maltego Transforms

With IPinfo's Maltego Transforms, investigators can enrich IP Addresses with Domain and ASN information, pinpoint precise locations, detect carriers and ISPs, identify VPNs, Tor users and much more.

Empower your Threat Intelligence teams

With our Transforms, you can look up redirects, backlinks, IP addresses, co-hosted domains, outgoing links, and other metadata for just about any domain. IPinfo also offers precise geolocations, ASN (autonomous system number) information, provider information, phone number, carrier, among others. Together, the details supplied from these services can be used to build a complete picture of the subject of investigation.

IPinfo Maltego Transforms

Why IPinfo?

We offer reliable, performant data that's optimized for Maltego. IPinfo also updates our databases daily, ensuring that you get the most accurate IP address insights every time. Plus, our Maltego and IP address experts are always available to help you get set up.

Here are some companies that you may know that use our data:

Microsoft Cloudflare Intel Daimler John Deere Mailgun Bupa Hahn Air itv Payoneer

IPinfo is the most trusted source for IP address data due to our accurate data, fast APIs, and our team of experts who are committed to ensuring your success with our services.

Getting started

  • Start enhancing your IP data today by installing our transforms on Maltego. IPinfo Maltego Transforms installation
  • Apply the transforms on your data with the click of a button! IPinfo options on Maltego

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