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Access our industry-leading IP address datasets. They're optimized for the Snowflake platform and suitable for business intelligence, analytics, big data, and cybersecurity use cases.

Our Snowflake-optimized data and user functions are available in all Snowflake regions via the marketplace.

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Why IPinfo?

Not only does IPinfo offer accurate and efficient data, but our datasets are also optimized for Snowflake. Our databases are updated daily, giving users the most reliable IP address data available. Our Snowflake and IP address experts can help you get setup.

Here are some companies that use our data:

Microsoft Cloudflare Intel Daimler John Deere Mailgun Bupa Hahn Air itv Payoneer

IPinfo is the most trusted source for IP address data due to our accurate data, fast API, and our team of experts who are committed to ensuring your success with our services.

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Test our data with these queries

  • # Sample Query
  • SELECT * FROM ip_log s JOIN ip_info l ON TO_JOIN_KEY(s.ip) = l.join_key
    WHERE TO_INT(s.context_ip) BETWEEN l.start_ip_int AND l.end_ip_int

IP to Geolocation

Get geolocation details for a given IP address: country, city, state or region, lat/long, postal code, and timezone.

Free Sample Dataset

start_ip end_ip country

Full Dataset

start_ip end_ip city region country lat lng postal timezone

IP to Privacy Detection

Discover VPN, proxy, tor usage, or hosting providers (such as bots or scrapers) that are hiding IP addresses.

Free Sample Dataset

start_ip end_ip is_privacy

Full Dataset

start_ip end_ip hosting proxy tor vpn


Gather a complete list of organizations that own or operate an IP address: ASNs, domain names, and the classification of that organization.

Free Sample Dataset

start_ip end_ip asn name

Full Dataset

start_ip end_ip asn domain name type

IP to Carrier

Discover if an IP address belongs to a Mobile Carrier: carrier name, Mobile Country Code (MCC), and Mobile Network Code (MNC).

Free Sample Dataset

start_ip end_ip is_carrier

Full Dataset

start_ip end_ip name country mcc mnc

Get more data from your IP information.

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One advantage of using our Snowflake data is that it's designed for efficiency. We've had customers get results in seconds that would previously take almost an hour. To ensure fast join performance, you'll want to use our UDFs, though, and join our data in a slightly counter intuitive way - joining on a join key, and then filtering to the exact record you need in the where clause. Here's an example - replace IP_LOG with your own table:
SELECT * FROM ip_log s JOIN IPINFO.location l ON IPINFO.TO_JOIN_KEY(s.ip) = l.join_key
WHERE IPINFO.TO_INT(s.context_ip) BETWEEN l.start_ip_int AND l.end_ip_int
If you have any questions about the UDFs, join syntax or help with your queries let us know!
We refresh our datasets on a daily basis!
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