IPinfo for Cybersecurity

IPinfo for Cybersecurity

Your business's security strategy should never fit inside of a box. That’s why we offer multiple APIs for building custom, in-house solutions based on fast, accurate, and reliable IP address data.

We’re not just an IP geolocation provider—we offer much more.

Partnered with some of the most secure online businesses

Over 100,000 businesses and developers depend on us to provide some of the most important data when it comes to cybersecurity.

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The cybersecurity industry trusts us as an IP address data provider

Andrew Morris, Founder of GreyNoise Intelligence

— IPinfo has a great team, responsive API, affordable prices, unbeatable uptime—every feature we could ask for. I recommend it to all of my friends in the industry. Side by side with other providers, it cannot be beaten.

Andrew Morris

Founder of GreyNoise Intelligence
Thomas Kilmer, Co-founder of Spur Intelligence Corp.

— Identifying the true owners and operators of compromised infrastructure has always been a challenge, but IPinfo simplifies the process. Their normalization of the data allows Spur to automate many aspects of an investigation that used to require an analyst. IPInfo provides the foundation for a successful investigation and is a must-have in any security organization.

Thomas Kilmer

Co-founder of Spur Intelligence Corp.

IP data that will be there when you need it most

Under the threat of a security breach, your business can’t afford to rely on inaccurate or out-of-date IP data. We handle over 40 billion API requests per month and can be counted on to be available both 10 seconds and 10 years from now. We’ve made a long-term commitment to improving our infrastructure and data, and that’s not what the bad guys want to hear.

Identify intruders
Identify intruders who have found their way into your network.

Our geolocation API can help customers stop intruders in their tracks by cross-examining the current IP geolocation details of suspicious users to discover irregularities in profile information. When identified, these users can be blocked from any further access.

Mitigate financial losses
Combat fraud and pinpoint theft to mitigate financial losses.

You may not be able to prevent others from experiencing data breaches, but our API can assist you in preventing the use of stolen financial data at your business. With our IP data, you can distinguish orders made from suspicious locations and flag them for manual review.

Infer threat
Infer on what may come by analyzing IP addresses that pose a threat.

If your business has identified a threat, specialists can use our IP geolocation data to accurately and reliably discover other entities related to the target that may pose a security risk. Leverage our data to build your own internal strategies and protect your network.

Identify intruders
Eliminate security risks before they even have a chance.

With the data we provide, your organization can take preemptive measures to block traffic from high-risk locations or networks before they make it to you. In cybersecurity, getting ahead of the curve is critical in securing your business.

And more...

Andrew Morris of GreyNoise Intelligence made an important decision when he began relying on IPinfo’s API in 2017.

A flexible API provider willing to meet your exact needs

We're not here to sell you on a cookie-cutter API plan. Our sales team would love to know about your requirements and use case so that we can offer a solution tailored specifically to you.

Ready to secure your business using the most reliable IP address data available?