IPinfo for Web Personalization

IPinfo for Web Personalization

By 2040, it's estimated that 95% of all purchases will be facilitated through the Internet. Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses with an online presence to begin personalizing the way they serve content to users. Personalization and ease of use are key components to building trust with your website’s visitors.

How IPinfo comes into play

Through geolocation and other IP address data, IPinfo can help your business present itself on the Web in a way that can make your product or service easier to understand, increase conversion rates, and improve your customers’ overall experience.

Bringing IP-based personalization to millions of users since 2013

We process data for millions of visitors belonging to more than 100,000 businesses and developers. For many of our customers, the way that we’re able to customize their website’s user experience is invaluable. Fast and accurate IP address data is a powerful resource, and that’s what we specialize in.

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Serving data to businesses across every industry on the Web

Whether it's in retail services, healthcare, cybersecurity, education, or any other industry with a presence on the Web, our data can help in ways that range from increasing your website’s loading time on low-bandwidth connections to automatically converting information such as prices and times to local formats.

Pre-populate sign-up forms based on location data.

A quicker and easier registration process can result in more signups. Long sign-up forms can be discouraging and turn potential customers away, but collecting that data is important. Using ourAPI, you can prepopulate location-based fields with data such as the user’s postal/ZIP code, city, state, and country.

Display location-based offers and advertisements.

Your customers aren’t interested in seeing offers that they don’t qualify for. Highly targeted offers can result in huge conversion rates, but mistargeted offers can lead to users trusting your business less. Using our API, you can make sure this never happens.

Localized currency
Show pricing data in a localized currency.

Do you own a global business? If so, imagine potential customers from France browsing your products and seeing prices displayed in USD rather than EUR. Our IP data is accurate and reliable, enabling currency conversions to display prices that are easier to understand.

Mobile content
Serve content based on mobile carrier data.

Cascading style sheets aren’t the only way you can tailor your website to display differently on mobile devices. With our mobile carrier API, you can know when your visitors are browsing on mobile data and pinpoint which network they're using. This will allow you to display content and offers on a per-carrier basis.

Fast loading websites
Minify your website to load faster for customers using slower ISPs.

Some rural areas are still limited to DSL and satellite connection speeds. Our ASN data can help you identify customers of these slower service providers and cut down on bandwidth-intensive elements of your website. A second or two can make the difference between a visitor closing the tab or proceeding to checkout.

Display testimonials based on who is visiting your site.

Testimonials resonate better with users who can relate to them—be it by location, company, ISP, or other information. With our API, you can display testimonials that match against users browsing from the same city, working for the same organization, or using the same service provider.

Send notifications when potential customers are near a physical store.

If your business owns brick-and-mortar locations, our API can be used to send users instant alerts when they’re detected to be within a close physical range of one of your stores.

Analyze traffic
Analyze traffic trends in a meaningful way.

With access to IP address data such as geolocation and mobile carrier information, you can assess spikes in traffic and attribute them to meaningful events. For example, a sudden increase in traffic originating from a single city could be the result of local marketing (e.g., a radio plug).

A set-and-forget solution to better presenting your business on the Web

IPinfo is the fastest and most accurate IP address API provider when it comes to identifying your website or application’s traffic in a multitude of ways. We bring you better data, better targeting, and a better experience for your users. Personalizing your website for every visitor is only a few clicks away—there’s no risk.